How Often Can You Perm Your Eyelashes?

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How Often Can You Perm Your Eyelashes?

It's no understatement that more people want to look their best for photos and videos since they get posted on social media and viewed by many people. The demand for certain cosmetic procedures has risen in the past few years, thanks to their popularity on social media. 

Eyelash perms and lifts are two such procedures that are taking the beauty communities the world over by storm. These procedures are growing in popularity as more people request them.

If you're thinking of getting an eyelash perm, you may want to do your research. The article below lists all you may want to know before getting a procedure done. 

What Is an Eyelash Perm?

An eyelash perm is a procedure that gives you the perfect curl on the eyelashes you're looking for. It gives you a semi-permanent curl instead of you having to curl your lashes every day. Eyelash perms are a semi-permanent treatment that curls your lashes. Some professionals will give you a package of perming your eyelashes and tinting them to stand out. 

Eyelash perms are perfect for people struggling with keeping their eyelashes curled or people who have lost out on their curled eyelashes. Beware! Your eyelashes will remain curled until they fall out. They will fall out because that’s the normal cycle of the eyelash perm. The curled effect will remain for quite a while. Even when your new lashes come in, they will be slightly curled.

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How Long Does a Lash Lift/Perm Last?

An eyelash perm can last anywhere between four weeks to eight weeks. Eyelash perms use some potent chemicals, so they remain in a state of perm for a long period. They remain permed until they fall out. The perm should hold for at least a month. 

You should also see the clients from the salon you're going to ensure they seem satisfied with the treatment. You're paying for your eyelash perming procedure, and you should get the most out of it. If you're not getting what you want, it's time for you to switch salons. 

What Is the Procedure for a Lash Perm?

If you're thinking about getting a lash perm, you should also be aware of the procedure you're getting. You must know what you’re signing up for. Firstly, you have to set up an appointment with your lash clinic. 

Lash perms use chemicals to keep your eyelashes curled, so there's a real chance you may have some allergic reactions to the chemicals. It would help if you kept this in mind. Regardless, you must show up to your appointment with a clean face and no oils. Leave the makeup at home. You have to ensure that there is no product on your face. 

There are two stages to the procedure. The first involves applying a solution to your eyelashes that will break down the bonds of protein in the hair. This makes the eyelashes prone to shaping. 

A rod is then placed between the eyelid and the eyelashes, depending on how loose or tight you want to curl them. The initial solution remains applied for 15 minutes, and the eyelashes are shaped. After this step, the esthetician will apply an activator to rebond the lashes in a specific way for 15 minutes. This step ensures that the curl stays.

After Care for an Eyelash Perm

It would be best to treat an eyelash perm like a regular perm. Therefore, you can't get any water in your eyes for 24-48 hours after you've gotten the perm. You will also have to apply a certain kind of conditioner to it to remain moisturized, and your eyelashes don't just start to fall out.

You shouldn't wear any mascara for at least 48 hours after you've gotten your perm done. Try your best not to sweat or put yourself in a situation that requires you to get water in your eyes, as this may ruin your eyelashes' hard work. 

How Long Does an Eyelash Perm Take?

The process is painless and doesn't take very long. You won't necessarily have to take time out from your weekend if you're thinking about getting it done. The whole process of the lash perm only ever takes thirty minutes. However, salons and clinics will sometimes combine the perming appointment with lash tinting, which may take longer. However, it should only take an hour for the whole procedure to get done.

How Often Can I Perm My Lashes?

Ideally, you shouldn't perm your lashes until the first perm wears off. Wait at least four weeks before you perm your lashes. Lash perms involve chemicals that break down the protein in your lash hair. If you constantly keep applying a perm to your lashes, the strong chemicals can dry your lashes out. It would be best to wait at least four weeks between the perms to ensure that your eyelashes don't become too brittle.

How Much Does an Eyelash Perm Cost?

An eyelash perm is not very expensive. If you've lost a lot of money to mascara blends and false eyelashes, you may as well invest in an eyelash perm instead. The procedure can cost you between $60 and $100, depending on the kind of salon that you go to for the procedure. If you opt for a conditioning eyelash treatment during that time, it will also cost you more.

There are also some other ways to get an eyelash perm or an eyelash lift. There are eyelash lifting kits and eyelash perming kits now available for sale. These kits allow you to perm or lift your eyelashes at home. You can get curlier lashes from the confines of your home. These kits cost anywhere from $60 to $90, which means they cost around the same amount of money as a regular appointment. 

Final Thoughts 

You shouldn't perm your lashes too often as sometimes they can get dry and brittle, causing them to break down. Nicky Lashes is a company that offers brow lamination and eyelash lift kits. They ensure these kits are some of the most user-friendly and cost-effective products that you can buy.

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