Threading Vs. Waxing: Which Is Better?

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Threading Vs. Waxing: Which Is Better?

Eyebrow Faux Pas: Plucking

There, we said it! Plucking is a time-consuming beauty treatment. Why would you want to sit through hours of torturous plucking when you can easily get the job done with threading… or waxing? Before settling on a hair removal method, we suggest you do some research.

First of all, we highly suggest that you get your eyebrows threaded or waxed by a professional. Second, stop looking for DIY hacks to make your eyebrows look naturally beautiful. The simple way to get the most out of your eyebrows is to maintain them, or there’s no saying what you might look like. 

With the long list of modern hair removal treatments, if you are thinking about getting your brows lasered into the perfect form, you wouldn’t find us on board for this trend! You see, trends keep changing. If people had lasered their eyebrows in the 90s, we would still be looking at stick-thin brows everywhere today.

Coming back to the question, the answer to the threading vs. waxing eyebrows debate is BOTH.

Yes, this is confusing but let us tell you why:

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique in which the skin is prepared for a pinching session with a thread. With your eyes closed, the skin is held tight, and a thread is twisted in the hands, creating a tiny lasso to remove hairs from the follicles. In some cases, the thread is coated with an anti-bacterial wax to prevent irritation.

What Is Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing refers to the method in which a thin layer of warm wax is applied on the eyebrow hairs that need to be removed with a wood spatula. A paper is then applied to the wax and ripped off swiftly to pluck the hairs from the root. In some cases, a stencil is used to pick an eyebrow shape.

Pros and Cons of Threading and Waxing

Both these methods have their pros and cons. You can get your eyebrows waxed or threaded at a salon with the help of a professional or opt to do it by yourself at home. There’s not much difference in cost, which means the deciding factor is what suits your skin best.

Threading Pros

  • It is great for women with skin allergies
  • Offers a precise finish
  • Gets even the tiniest of threads

Threading Cons

  • It can be difficult to keep the skin pulled tightly
  • A slight slip might cause a cut and leave a scar
  • It can be very irritating
  • Makes you sneeze, which can cause the beautician’s hand to slip
  • Is painful

Waxing Pros

  • Provides good results in an instant
  • It is preferred by most women
  • It is great for women who don’t have a high pain tolerance level
  • Hairs grow back finer and softer if done properly and regularly

Waxing Cons

  • Does not offer the type of accuracy threading offers
  • It can result in a disaster if not done by a professional
  • It is not suitable for women using Retinol or undergoing chemical peels
  • It can cause pimples if you have sensitive skin

Which Lasts Longer?

A great question! Waxing and threading give semi-permanent results, which means they don’t last long. The hair is removed from the roots, but it grows back because the roots do not get damaged. On average, threading does not last longer than 2 weeks. On the other hand, waxing lasts past 2 weeks. This is because waxing removes hair more forcefully than threading. Despite this, waxing is still painless. In threading, you can actually feel your hair being pulled.

So, if we would have to choose, we would waxing is a step above threading and here’s why:

Waxing improves your skin texture and eliminates excess hair. It removes the top layer that consists of dead and dry skin cells. This is why after a single rip, your skin is left feeling smooth. The same results can’t be achieved through threading. If you have ever gotten your eyebrows threaded, you might be familiar with the stinging pain, which is left behind long after the session. The same falls for your entire face. Threading in sensitive areas will prove more painful such as the sideburns and upper lip.

In case you are about to say the dreaded word shaving, let us stop you right there! This option is worse than plucking, as you’re bound to end up with stubbly and rough hair.

The Clean Ending

The perfect end to your eyebrow waxing is a brow lamination at home. Since you have already shaped your eyebrows, the last thing left to do is tame them, which by the way, is a completely different process. Here’s what the brow lamination kit by Nicky Lashes allows you to do:

  • Nourish Your Brows: Apply castor oil to soften the eyebrow hair.
  • Trim and Tweeze: Pluck any rouge hair.
  • Apply the Cleanser: Remove any oily residue and dry the eyebrows.
  • Apply the Adhesive: Apply the adhesive and move the eyebrow hairs upwards. Let it sit for 30 seconds.
  • Comb the Hair: Shape your eyebrows by combing the hairs.
  • Apply the Perm Lotion: Cover the eyebrow in perm lotion and apply a cling film on it. Wait for 12 minutes and remove the film.
  • Apply the Fix Lotion: Remove the perm lotion and then apply the fix lotion. Cover the eyebrows with a cling film again and wait for 8 minutes.
  • Clean the Eyebrows: Use a cotton bud to clean the eyebrows. 
  • Apply Nourishing Lotion: Soften the hair with nourish lotion and comb your eyebrows.

Repeat the same steps on the eyebrow. Be careful with the adhesive, perm lotion, and fix lotion. Too much of them, and you risk making your eyebrows brittle! Always count the seconds and minutes to make sure that you are not overdoing. A brow lamination lasts for around 6 to 8 weeks.

Brow Lamination

And we are done! Your eyebrows are ready to flirt.  

If you want to give your lashes the same luscious treatment, then get your Nicky Lash lifting kit right here