Three Reasons Lash Lifts Are Worth It

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Three Reasons Lash Lifts Are Worth It

Who doesn’t want fuller and brighter eyelashes? It’s the absolute dream! Fine and long lashes can genuinely bring out the beauty of the eyes, but often you get frustrated looking at those drooping lashes or that one annoying lash growing in the opposite direction. 

Even with a set of full eyelashes, the lack of lift could make it frustrating. Some lashes droop on one side or might grow in the opposite direction. Just a little pick me up can transform your eyes and help you achieve the lashes of your dreams. 

While lash curling can help in getting that look, it is rather tedious to have to redo it several times a day. Fortunately, a lash lift can rid you of all that tedious work and give you fabulous lashes for months. Nicky Lashes offers an at-home lash kit that allows you to get a lash lift in the comfort of your own home.

What is a Lash Lift?

It is essential to know what a lash lift is and how it can help you before you get one. 

A lash lift helps curl your lashes from the base to the tip, resulting in a fuller length. Lashes have their own natural shape, and the lash lift process modifies that shape through a lifting solution and a small curling rod. There are multiple at home lash lift kits, like Nicky Lashes, that can help you achieve that look yourself. 

Three Reasons To Get A Lash Lift

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

A lash lift usually lasts for four to six weeks or longer. It depends on the growth of your lashes. To get the maximum advantage of a lash lift, it is important to avoid water and makeup for at least the first 24 hours of getting a lash lift. 

Avoiding mascara for the first 48 hours is also recommended. These precautions ensure that the lashes are correctly lifted into shape. When you get a lash lift at home, you must take these precautions to fully enjoy the benefits of the lift. 

Moreover, keeping them nourished and hydrated by applying oil using a mascara wand will also help you maintain the lift for longer. 

Three Reasons To Get A Lash Lift

Three Reasons To Get A Lash Lift

Getting a lash lift is an excellent way of giving your eyes a boost. Here are three major reasons that make lash lifts worth it:

Improve Your Natural Look

Your eyes can make a major impact on your entire look. They are certainly the window to your soul and can say a lot about you. If you want to achieve that glammed-up, naturally beautiful eyes, enhancing your lashes would do the trick. Getting a lash lift will certainly help you achieve those dazzling eyes you dreamed of and transform your overall look. 

Put An End To Lash Curlers

Holding the curler to your lashes multiple times a day to create that perfect curl can get frustrating quickly. You can put an end to that by getting a lash lift by Nicky Lashes. The process involves a silicone pad and a chemical cream to fix the lashes and give them the right curl without having to use a lash curler repeatedly throughout the day.

You can achieve the best lash lift right at home using the lash lift kit. It will even help with those stubborn lashes that refuse to curl the right way, even after several attempts. Going for a lash lift will achieve those beautiful eyes without damaging your lashes. 

Affordable And Long-Lasting Treatment For Lashes

You might be wondering how much is a lash lift? While lash extensions can be expensive, a lash lift doesn’t cost much money and effort to maintain your beautiful lashes. Getting a lash lift kit is much more affordable and can last you for a few months! 

There is no need to do anything extra to maintain the look, and it even saves you the cost of going to the salon frequently. It actually offers you savings in the longer run. 

Nicky Lash lifting kit gives you a perfect means of pampering your lashes without damaging your wallet. Just with one treatment, you can enjoy luscious lashes for months! It will even save you time and effort in putting on mascara every day, here's a step by step guide on how to do lash lift at home:

Maintaining a Lash Lift

As already stated, it is important to take care of your lashes within the first 48 hours of getting a lash lift. Of course, you want to maintain those gorgeous lashes for longer. Therefore, you need to give your lashes time to set after the treatment. 

Make sure to avoid heavy exercising (or anything that makes you sweat a lot), mascara, and water. Ensure you invest in a professional lash lift kit to achieve the best results. Moreover, lightly brush out your lashes every morning using a serum or coconut oil to enjoy the eyelash perm for longer.

A lash lift is an ideal way for people who are constantly on the go but don’t want to make any compromises on their appearances. This treatment is certainly for you if you want to look amazing with little to no effort. 

Say goodbye to the effort, time, and money put in using lash curlers, applying false eyelashes, and using expensive mascara every day. After the treatment, you will have naturally beautiful lashes that don’t require any effort at all. If you want to achieve those dazzling eyes, invest in a lash lift kit treatment and flaunt those enviously gorgeous looking eyes for months without any effort.