Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions

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Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions

Are you one of those women who spend hundreds of dollars on beauty procedures? I am not talking about cosmetic touchups but more along the line of beautification sessions such as lash extensions. 

Who wouldn’t want to look beautiful with a pair of dramatic lashes? Just look at Beyoncé. She’s one classy celebrity who pays close attention to how she looks. Her mink lashes are coveted but too expensive for us mortals to afford. 

Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions

You are already thinking, “What’s the catch?” 

Well, Beyoncé has a team of beauticians working day and night on her to turn her into Queen Bey. On the other hand, we go to the nearest salon that has good reviews on social media and get the job done. 

Alright, getting back to the point ― lash extensions ― I suggest you stop getting them and for those of you who are planning to get one, DON’T! I highly recommend going for a DIY lash lift instead.

As to why… here’s my story.

How It All Started

I started getting lash extensions 6 months ago. My first session was absolutely amazing. I felt invincible… yes, a lash extension can do that to you. It was like my beauty was reborn and I looked more beautiful than ever. My simple makeup for every day was mascara which I used regularly whenever I went out.

This was my first time getting lash extensions. I had heard most of my colleagues boast about it and after hearing countless times how stunning your face looks with longer lashes, I finally gave in. What my colleagues didn’t tell me is how exhausting maintaining your lash extensions can be.

Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions.

The Truth About Lash Extensions

In hindsight, the first question I should have Googled was, How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back after extensions?” 

The answer is MONTHS. Yes! Since lashes are glued to your natural lashes, the after effects were devastating. I was left with tiny stubs that made me look… just plain weird. You see ― typically; we lose 1 to 5 lashes every day. In two weeks, we lose around 20% of our lashes. The lash fall out and growth cycle is between 60 and 90 days. 

If your lashes fall out naturally, they will grow back in time and with a little help from lash serums, even faster. However, lash extensions mess up the entire cycle. All those chemicals seeping into the follicles destroy your natural lashes and the constant fill-ins will minimize their growth. 

The Cost

The primary reason I stopped getting lash extensions was that I couldn’t keep up with my appointments. The sessions became relaxing week after week. I could already see the toll the fill-ins were taking on my natural lashes. 

A standard lash extension procedure takes about 2 hours and then after every 4 weeks, you need to get fill-ins, which take about 45 minutes. However, if someone’s lash fall out cycle is faster, you might have to go to the salon after 2 weeks. The appointments became a chore and I couldn’t balance my personal and professional life. I called it my beauty life, which was destroying my more important lives. 

After the 5th fill-in, I said to myself, “Getting a facial or a massage would have been much more relaxing.” Alas, the damage was done and I was left with the wreckage of my lashes.

My first lash extension cost me $150 and the 6 fill-ins I got over the next few months cost me $65 each. Can you imagine spending around $600 on just your eyelashes? Well, I did.

My Saving Graces

So, to recap ― my lashes were in the infant stage and I had stopped getting any more fill-ins. I waited for the lash extensions to fall out and then came up with a game plane to restore my lashes’ strength. 

Though the side effects of eyelash extensions were pretty drastic, it took me only a few searches to find out how the damage can be reversed. The next few months were pretty hard because I had zero hope my lashes would grow back. I had given up hope but I still used my two secret weapons that I found on the internet.

Essential oils and a lash growth serum!

I started with the essentials oils, which included rosemary, lavender and cedar. Not only do these essential oils smell amazing but they also promote stronger hair growth. Using mascara at this stage was out of the question so I used castor oil instead. 

This oil also has the same hair growth properties. In fact, it boosts growth and adds shine to your lashes. I cleaned an old mascara bottle and poured a small amount of castor oil in it. You can add a drop or two of essential oils in it as well. I applied the oil with the mascara wand every night before going to sleep. 

Within 6 weeks, I could see the results. Not only had my eyelashes grown out curved and long but they looked healthier. I even bought a lash growth serum with a natural blend that helped a lot too. The price of one lash serum bottle was the same as a lash extension fill-in but the former lasted me months!

A Safer Lash Extension Option

Now that my lashes were back to normal, I mostly used mascara. However, I did find a safer lash extension procedure ― a DIY lash lift. I bought a lash lift kit at home and did the procedure myself. It was simple and completely safe. It had no chemicals so I was feeling pretty good about trying it. My first try didn’t go that well, which was alright because all the blogs said so. In 8 weeks, the effects of the lash lift wore off and I did it again. 

Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions.

This time, my lashes turned out amazing. A swipe of mascara and they looked like a million dollars!

A DIY lash lift cost me around $40 and could be used at least 15 times. So, that’s huge savings and a long-lasting lash lift wrapped into one package. 

The Nicky Lash Lifting Kit is one of the best beauty treatments that you can do at home on your own. It offers a quick way of getting beautiful lashes, free of any chemicals. In my opinion and after the trouble I went through, I suggest that you get this kit. Better get your eyelashes done in the comfort of your home rather than wasting money in a salon.