Essential Habits for Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Eyelashes

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Essential Habits for Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Eyelashes

Our lashes have a fall out cycle of 8 weeks. This part of hair fall and growth is inevitable. Lashes become weaker due to lack of proper diet and a skincare routine. This is why it is important that you adopt healthy habits to make your lashes look lusher and longer.

As an expert on all things related to lashes, I am here to educate you on the best practices to maintain their natural and beautiful state. In my opinion, using a DIY lash lifting kit is a much better option to take care of your lashes over getting lash extensions. Before I tell you about those essential habits you are looking for, let’s look at some key points of your lash growth cycle:

  • The lash growth cycle is divided into four phases, which are called Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen. They translate to growth, staying dormant, resting and shedding
  • Around 10% of your body’s hair is always in the final shedding phase
  • On average, you shed around 5 lashes per day. While these lashes might start the growth cycle the next day, they reach completion in six months
  • Almost all of your lashes stay in the growth stage. They grow around 0.16 mm per day
  • As mentioned earlier, it takes around 8 weeks for your lashes to fully grow. However, their lifespan is 3 months

How to Make My Lashes Grow Stronger

The answer to this question is not as easy as I made it sound at the start of this blog. 

One of the best treatments for growing your lashes is by stimulating hair follicles. In the Anagen phase, the hair follicle prepares to detach the eyelash from your lid. This means that the eyelash is no longer attached and will slowly fall off as the phases continue. This is your window of opportunity to use serums and adopt gentler makeup habits so that the new lash grows stronger. 

*I wouldn’t recommend using any chemicals because they will take away your lashes’ shine and strength.

Now that you know the basics of gorgeous and natural-looking eyelashes, here are those essential habits that you wanted:

6 Tips on How to Maintain Your Lashes

1. Brush Your Lashes

Buy one of those mini eyelash combs to brush your lashes. You don’t necessarily need to have a spoolie to do this. In fact, there’s a great way to make your own eyelash comb at home. Recycle your old mascara brushes by cleaning them thoroughly. Make sure that there’s no mascara left on it. After washing, leave it out to dry. 

Brushing your eyelashes is probably big news to you because not everyone knows about this secret. Answer this question – do you like to sleep on your side or face down? 

You might have noticed that your right or left eyelashes are crinkled and crumply compared to their counterpart. That’s because your face smooshed in your pillow gives them a tangled look. This is where your recycled mascara brush comes in. I know that you can’t exactly change your sleeping habits but this little trick will make your lashes look fanned out and flutter. Simply brush your lashes before going to bed and after waking up, and you will notice the difference immediately.

Essential Habits for Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Eyelashes - Brushing Lashes

2. Avoid Using a Harsh Makeup Remover

You already know how overnight makeup can cause acne and bacteria to build in your lashes. If you fully cleanse your face to remove makeup then you are one step closer to getting longer and more beautiful-looking lashes. 

Your second step, and the most important one, is using a gentler makeup remover and removing technique. You probably douse a cotton pad with the liquid and vigorously rub your eyes to remove the makeup. Don’t deny it!

To make the process less irritating and easier, keep the remover-doused cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds. Let the remover work it’s magic and then gently swipe away. 

  • Use an Oil-Based Makeup Remover

If you are wearing heavy makeup then you’d better use an oil-based remover. Massaging this remover on to your eyes not only removes the makeup completely but also conditions the eyelashes and keeps them from getting brittle and dry.

Essential Habits for Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Eyelashes - Removing Makeup

3. Avoid Wearing Mascara Everyday

Applying mascara every day is not got for your lashes. Period. Reserve it for special occasions such as dates and parties. Oh, and avoid wearing waterproof mascara at all costs! That stuff is hard to remove. You might end up pulling out your eyelashes.

Essential Habits for Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Eyelashes - Applying Mascara

4. Skip the Fakes and Styling Techniques

Those who are not blessed with long lashes rely on the fakes to completely their look. I wouldn’t recommend it because the glue you use to fix these lashes damages lash growth by blocking the lash follicles. You can tint your lashes using the right cream colors but bleaching is a no-go.

5. Supplement Your Diet With Collagen

Collagen is a great source of amino acids that supports keratin (a protein that boosts hair and eyelashes growth). It is a popular beauty supplement, which increases nail growth, supports hair growth and improves skin suppleness.

All you need to do is add this supplement to your diet. If you are not a fan of pills then you can use collagen protein powder for smoothies. 

6. Use a Lash Serum

The best way to moisturize your lashes is to apply a lash serum . Just like you use creams and masks to keep your head hair healthy and glowing, a lash serum makes sure that your eyelashes don’t get damaged due to excessive mascara use or eye rubbing. Since lash serums contain natural extracts, they encourage lash growth by boosting circulation. You can add them to your daily skincare routine. 

Essential Habits for Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Eyelashes - Applying Serum.
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