Can Lashes & Brows Be Done At the Same Time?

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Can Lashes & Brows Be Done At the Same Time?

Yes! You can do a lash lift at home, along with brow lamination at the same time. Since the steps involved are almost similar, you can get beautiful lashes and striking eyebrows in one sitting. You can easily get a lash lift kit and brow lamination kit online. All you need to do is read the instructions, use the adhesive and lotions in order, and voilà! Your face will look even more stunning.

Since the application of the solutions in both beauty treatments is precise, they don’t overlap each other. You need to follow a couple of after-care tips to ensure that you don’t ruin the effects but other than that, you will find that shaping your lashes and eyebrows is pretty easy. 

Following are two guides with step-by-step instructions on how to lash lift and laminate your brows at home:

What Is a Lash Lift?

Unlike a lash extension, which involves adding lashes in between your lashes for a dramatic look, a lash lift shapes your exiting lashes to give them a fuller look. It's a simple technique that involves applying adhesive to your lashes and then shaping them with a tool to get your desired curve. A 20-minute procedure gives you gorgeous lashes that last for eight weeks when maintained properly. Here’s how to do a lash lift at home:

Lash Lift Before & After


Clean Your Lashes

Soak a cotton ball in an oil-free remover and wipe your lashes. Remove any oil or dirt and ensure the lashes are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Prepare Your Lashes

You will see multiple lift pads in the kit, ranging from Small to Medium, medium 1, Medium 2, and Large. Choose a lift pad and apply adhesive on the back. Wait for 30 seconds, and then place the pad close to your lash line. Press the pad gently and hold it in place for 30 seconds.

Apply the Adhesive

Drop a small amount of adhesive on your lashes and use the stick from the kit to glue them to the pad. Let the adhesive settle for 30 seconds, then comb the lashes to lift them. Make sure the lashes are straight and evenly spaced.

Apply the Perm Lotion

Drop a small amount of perm lotion on a cotton bud a gently apply it to the roots. Cover the lashes with cling film and wait for 15 minutes.

Apply the Fix Lotion

Remove the perm lotion with a cotton bud, and repeat the above step with the fix lotion. After applying the cling film, wait for 8 minutes.

Clean Your Lashes Again

Clean your lashes with a water-based cleanser and make sure there’s no adhesive residue left behind. Remove the lift pads.

Apply the Nourishing Lotion 

Use your fingertip to gently dab the lashes with nourishing lotion and then comb them.

Step by step guide: 

What Is Brow Lamination?

This beauty technique originated in Russia and then spread all over the US and Europe. While the exact date is unknown, the technique became so popular that every beauty salon started offering it. Brow lamination is similar to keratin hair treatment that straightens and strengthens your hair, but for your brows. Back then, the ladies used this treatment to fluff their eyebrows and make them look on fleek.

When the treatment was first introduced, it involved applying a cream on the eyebrows and then brushing them to soften the pores. This made it easy to give the brows' shape. After this, a few more steps were followed to structure the brows, and then nourishing oil was applied to complete the process.

A brow lamination kit is the answer to your thin eyebrows. It helps you reposition the hair so that they look even and fuller. Here’s how to do brow lamination at home:

Brow Lamination Before & After

Nourish Your Brows

To soften your eyebrows so that you can comb the hair in a straight line, apply aloe vera gel. Gently rub the gel in and then use a tissue to wipe it off.

Trim Your Brows

Now that the eyebrows are in a straight line, pluck the rogue strands. To ensure that both brows look the same in the end, use an eyebrow pencil to draw an outline and then trim hair that falls outside the line.

Apply the Cleanser

Apply cleaners on the eyebrows and wipe them clean to remove any oil residue.

Apply the Adhesive

Now, it’s time to set the eyebrows. Apply the adhesive and then comb the hair upwards so that it stands straight. Let the adhesive sit for 30 seconds.

Shape Your Hair

Comb the hair to shape your eyebrows. You can use an eyebrows stencil here. Let the adhesive settle in for 30 seconds.

Apply the Perm Lotion

Touch only the roots of your eyebrows with the perm lotion, and then cover them with a cling film. Stretch the cling film to let the lotion reach the follicles, and then let it sit in place for 15 minutes before removing it slowly.

Apply the Fix Lotion

Use a cotton bud to remove the perm lotions and repeat the same steps with cling film using the fix lotion. Let it sit for 8 minutes.

Clean Your Brows

Use the brow lamination kit's cleanser to wipe the fix lotion. Then, absorb any residue with a cotton bud.

Apply the Nourishing Lotion

For the last touch up, apply the nourishing lotion and comb your eyebrows. You will feel the softness in the hair as the strands will move whichever way you want.


Both kits have four items in common: The adhesive, perm lotion, fix lotion, and nourishing lotion. The steps are similar too: applying the adhesive, touching the roots with the perm and fix lotion, and applying nourishing lotion for the final touch. 

If done simultaneously, it will take about an hour: 30 minutes for the lashes and 30 minutes for the eyebrows to give yourself a beauty salon treatment. 

If you are looking for a safe lash lift kit and brow lamination kit that can be used at home easily, visit the Nicky Lashes website. Their Home Edition Kit offers a quick way of getting beautiful lashes and stunning eyebrows, free of any chemicals.