Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow

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Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow

Who doesn't want luscious, thicker lashes? While a few coats of mascara can help you achieve that fluttery look, there is something about naturally thick eyelashes that just can't be compared. Unless you are among the lucky ones with long and thick lashes, you must have wondered
how to grow eyelashes or give them a boost. 

People have been trying different ways to enhance their eyelash growth, like using serums, getting an eyelash perm, or applying natural oils. Using Vaseline for lashes growth has been one of the oldest tricks that have been used and recommended by many. 

But does this trick actually make your eyelashes grow thicker? Let's find out.

Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?

Even though many believe that using Vaseline for lashes can help them grow, it is not true. Vaseline can't dramatically grow your eyelashes as it is merely a myth. However, it can still provide you with multiple more benefits. 

Using Vaseline can keep your eyelashes moisture, restore brittle lashes, and keep them groomed. Some more advantages of using Vaseline on your lashes are as follows:

Inexpensive Eyelash Grooming

Vaseline is an inexpensive product that is easily affordable to many as compared to other skincare products. It can be used in small amounts on your lashes to prevent them from getting dry. 

Healthier Lashes

Just a small amount of petroleum jelly applied to the baseline of the lashes can make them look longer and healthier. 

Locks Moisture

Vaseline forms a protective layer on your lashes to keep the moisture locked in for a longer duration. This prevents the eyelashes from looking dry and brittle. It can also be used for dryness around your eyes. 

Easy And Quick Skincare Routine

Vaseline is an effective moisturizing solution for eyelids and eyelashes. It can also be used to remove makeup from the eyes and nourish your lashes before you go to sleep. 

Tips on How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally At Home

Now that you are aware of the Vaseline eyelashes myth, you can use more efficient ways of growing your lashes. Here are some you can try:

Clean Regularly

Eyelashes accumulate buildup just like your scalp, including excess oil, mucus, and eye makeup can get stuck on the lashes. A high amount of this buildup can restrict the growth of your lashes and even result in lashes falling out more frequently. 

This is the reason why you need to take care of your lashes by properly cleaning them regularly. Keeping the hair follicles clean and clear will lead to healthier hair growth. 

Give Them a Boost With Castor Oil

Castor oil has antioxidant and moisturizing capabilities, making it a popular element in many of the traditional and Ayurvedic treatments. Applying a small amount of this oil on your lashes can keep them healthy and nourished, thereby boosting their growth. 

Moisturize With Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is another popular skincare remedy that helps in promoting the stronger growth of the lashes by keeping them moisturized. 

Use the Magic of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is safe and effective for the area around the eyes and is a great strengthener and moisturized for the lashes. It has been found to protect the hair from protein loss and hair damage, making it an excellent remedy for eyelashes growth. 

Bring In The Olive Oil

Olive oil consists of oleuropein, a phenolic compound, which has been found to enhance hair growth and can prove beneficial in attaining longer and thicker eyelashes. All you need is a cotton swab and a few drops of olive oil. Apply it to your lashes and leave overnight. 

Hydrate With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another effective remedy that can keep your eyelashes hydrated and moisturized. Hydrated lashes can promote follicular hair development, leaving your lashes healthier. 

Get an At-Home Lash Lift

Another great way to enhance your eyelashes is to get a lash lift kit. A lash lift or perm uses effective chemicals to treat and curl the eyelashes. 

Nicky Lashes uses an irritant-free and cruelty-free formula for long-lasting and natural results. Getting a lash lift at home is an easy solution for healthier and fuller lashes. This solution is mascara-friendly and waterproof and can also be used on your eyebrows. 

Use The Powers of a Lash Growth Serum

There are numerous serum-infused lash growth mascaras available that can condition and lengthen your lashes for a luscious and fuller look.  

These are some of the many effective ways you can use to naturally grow and strengthen your eyelashes and achieve the look you always dreamed of. While Vaseline can help in moisturizing your lashes, these tips can further enhance the overall look. 

Ways To Prevent Thinning Eyelashes

Aside from using these remedies to grow your eyebrows, you can also follow some tips to prevent your eyelashes from falling or thinning. Here are some useful ways:

  • Follow a well-balanced and healthy diet full of protein, biotin, fatty acids, vitamins, zinc, and iron.
  • Clean your eyelids and eyelashes regularly with a cleanser and keep them hydrated. 
  • Never use low-quality products on or around your eyes. 
  • Stop using makeup or skincare products that cause irritation or redness. 
  • Always remove your makeup before you go to bed. 
  • Avoid using lash curlers as they can break the eyelashes.

Just like you take care of your hair and skin, it is also important to make an effort on your eyelashes to keep them nourished. Your eyelashes are a miniature swash of hair on your face but they complete your overall look. Keeping them moisturized and hydrated using effective techniques can stimulate their growth and thickness. 

Vaseline effectively achieves healthier-looking eyelashes by working as a moisturizer, but it can't help in growing your eyelashes longer or faster. 

Using remedies like a lash lift can effectively boost their growth. Use the tricks and tips mentioned in this article to take good care of your lashes and achieve fuller eyelashes that will make your eyes even more beautiful.