Is Brow Lamination Safe During Pregnancy?

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Is Brow Lamination Safe During Pregnancy?

Many aesthetic procedures involving lashes and brows have grown in popularity in the past few years. People are constantly trying to change their looks to feel new and different. Brow lamination and lash lifts have become more popular as more unique methods and technologies have come about. 

However, there are things that you must remain careful of when you get these procedures done. You should make sure that you do all your research before getting a brow lamination procedure done. 

In the article below, we’ll inform you about brow lamination and answer all the questions you may have. 

What Is Brow Lamination?

People generally refer to Brow Lamination as a perm for your brows. It involves making your brows bushier and broader. It is a new and innovative beauty treatment that continues to become famous. Brow lamination is excellent for people looking for a more bushy look. It is also the kind of look you would see on runway models. If you're familiar with soap brows, you can take brow lamination as the more permanent version of that. 

Brow lamination smoothes out any unruly brow hair. You can lift your hair in a more vertical direction and make them stand out and remain a more prominent feature on your face. The result involves super smooth brows that look like they have brow gel. 

Brow lamination provides a beauty treatment for many problems you may encounter, such as thinning eyebrows and over plucking. 

Brow Lamination Before and After

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last?

Brow Lamination is semi-permanent, which means that it stays for quite a while after you've gotten the procedure done. If you take care of it properly, the brow lamination procedure lasts four to six weeks. 

If you take care of your procedure and face exceptionally well, you can have the brow lamination last for eight weeks, which is a lot. People often get these procedures done when they are in a business requiring them to show their face to the camera for many days. 

Thicker brows mean that the brow lamination is likely to last less. However, if you have thinner brow hair, your lamination will stay for quite a while. It may even last you for a whole ten weeks. 

How Long Does Brow Lamination Take?

The brow lamination process is not supposed to be too long. There are a few add-ons that you aesthetician may conduct. They may remove your excess brow hairs and tint your brow hair, taking extra time. The brow lamination process itself should only take 15-20 minutes. 

However, the entire procedure would take around 45 minutes to an hour of your time. This procedure will likely not take a lot of time and will last for quite a while, so many people opt for it. 

Is Brow Lamination Safe During Pregnancy?

Brow lamination is not something that most brow salons recommend during pregnancy. You can have your brows tinted and cut, but brow lamination itself is tricky. Brow lamination is also not recommended by brow salons if you are breastfeeding. The reason behind this is that there’s increased sensitivity during this time. A pregnant woman is dealing with hormonal changes that may alter the hair growth and how their skin responds. 

The increased sensitivity could lead to potentially tricky reactions, leading to inconsistent results. You may leave the appointment feeling like you don't look your best. For these reasons, you shouldn't get your brows laminated during pregnancy.

Brow lamination also uses specific chemical and perm solutions that can be harmful to the mother and fetus on inhalation. There is also not enough research on brow lamination in pregnant women, so it's best that you err on the side of caution and don't get your brows laminated when you're breastfeeding or pregnant. 

One of the standard rules when you're getting a cosmetic procedure, one of the standard rules is that there shouldn't be any pH imbalances in the skin. Chemicals can become denatured or react differently when you have a pH imbalance in the skin. 

A pH imbalance generally occurs when one is pregnant. Most doctors also inform you about all the different procedures you cannot partake in while pregnant, and exposure to solid chemicals is one thing you should avoid. 

Brow lamination serums and chemicals are harsh as they intend to straighten your hair or make sure they remain that way for a long time. Thus, it’s not brow lamination is not wholly safe during pregnancy.

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost?

Brow lamination can have a variety of prices depending on where you go. The primary issue is that many people think that the more expensive a procedure is, the better its quality. However, that may not always be the case. 

A regular brow lamination appointment can cost you anywhere between $50-$100. If you’re looking for brow lamination kits at home, you can use that too. These are also typically not very expensive, and many women choose to use them at home. 

Brow lamination kits also cost between $50 and $100, so you can get the same treatment at home. Many girls buy these kits as something they can do for each other during a sleepover. 

If you compare brow lamination to other procedures, it's generally a lot more affordable. Many people want to go for this procedure for this reason.

 Final Thoughts

If you're thinking about getting a brow lamination procedure, then we hope to have answered some of your questions. However, if you're pregnant, you should wait until you've had your baby and no longer breastfeeding before getting your brows laminated. Much of this has to do with the fact that there's not enough research on the effects of brow lamination on pregnant women. 

However, if you're not pregnant, brow lamination is an affordable procedure that will not take a long time for you to do. 

You can also find brow lamination and eyelash lift kits online. Please visit our website to learn more about brow lamination.