Cleansing and Moisturizing: How to Take Care for Lash Lift

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Cleansing and Moisturizing: How to Take Care for Lash Lift

The lash lift is quickly becoming one of the most popular eyelash enhancing treatments, and it's not a surprise given its benefits. A lash lift can give you beautiful, naturally long lashes. You will find yourself waking up looking picture perfect for weeks. You won't even need your daily swipe of mascara. Other options like fake lashes are great if you want a quick solution for a night. Then, using lash extensions can also be effective. However, they can become quite expensive in the long run.

So, the best option is a lash lift kit, which will give you the perfect eyelash perm in just 20 minutes! In our previous blog post, we have discussed the lash lift at length. We explained the entire procedure step-by-step, the mistakes one shouldn’t make when doing a lash lift at home, and how to tint your eyebrows. 

To recap, here are a few points that we believe are worth repeating:

  • How Long Does a Lash Lift Last 6 to 8 weeks. (Depending on how you maintain them.)
  • Can I Apply Mascara After a Lash Lift? – Yes, but only water-based mascaras.
  • When Can I Wash My Eyes After a Lash Lift –  24 hours is the ideal time you should wait so that your lash lift can settle. Taking this step ensures the curves of the lashes don't get destroyed when you wash your face or use makeup remover to clean the eyes.

An at-home lash lift isn’t too hard to do on your own. The adhesive used to give the lashes a curve does not contain any chemicals, which is why even if you do end up making a mistake, you can clean your lashes and try again after a couple of days. 

With the basics now out of the way, let's look at some tips and tricks for lash lift aftercare:

First 24 Hours

  • Avoid touching and rubbing your lashes and eyes
  • Keep the lashes dry
  • Avoid eye cream, makeup, face oils, sunscreen, and face cream
  • Avoid exercising as it makes you sweat
  • Avoid taking a steam bath, sauna, swimming, and face steamer
  • Make sure your hands don't go anywhere near your eyes!

Day 2

  • Continue to avoid rubbing your eyelashes and eyes.
  • Avoid applying oil-based products, including oil-based makeup remover.
  • Avoid applying waterproof or regular eyeliner and mascara.
  • Avoid using steam bath, sauna, and face steamer.

Day 3

  • Still avoid rubbing your eyelashes and eyes
  • Avoid any oil-based products
  • Avoid milk-based cleansers. Use an oil-free cleanser with a gentle formula instead
  • Avoid waterproof mascara
  • Brush your lashes

Lash Lift Aftercare

One of the questions that commonly comes up is: How to clean eyes after a lash lift?

There's not much maintenance involved. After "Day 3," you can start acting like normal. However, we recommend you avoid using any oil-based products for the entirety of your lash lift. While they won't destroy the curvy look of the lashes but they will shorten its effects. Instead of your lashes lasting for 6 to 8 weeks, your lashes might survive only for 4 weeks.

As for can you use micellar water after a lash lift: Yes, you can use micellar water to clean your lashes after a lash lift. Since this product's formula is water-based and does not contain any chemicals, it will be safe for your lashes. Look at the ingredients listed on the micellar water before buying it. If the list mentions some herbal root good for lash growth, buy it instead of the standard one.

Below are a few tips on how to maintain your lash lift:

Tip #1 Keep Them Dry

Even the littlest of moisture can damage the curls. Hence, you can't wet your hair in the shower! Use dry shampoo instead.

Tip #2 No Pillow Cuddling

Earlier, we mentioned you should avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after a lash lift. Avoid sleeping on your side or front when it comes to hard surfaces such as a pillow (which is tough on lashes). Doing so might cause an accidental tear in the lashes or get them scrunched.

Tip #3 Apply Lash Growth Serum After 24 Hours 

In one of our last blog posts, “Can You Use a Lash Growth Serum With a Lash Lift?” we talked about how beneficial lash serums are for conditioning and enhancing your eyelashes. You have to wait for 24 hours before applying it. 

Use makeup remover to dab at your lashes gently and remove any makeup or mascara residue. Hydrate your lashes by applying a conditioner and then apply the serum at night.

Tip #4 Keep Track of Your Allergies

If you know you are allergic to any cosmetic products and feel a slight burn in your eyes, avoid using them.

Tip #5 Use Essential Oil After Day 3

Essential oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil are nourishing for the lashes. So, use them once a day during your cleansing routine.

Final Word

Your lashes are quite delicate, which is why after a lash lift, you need to be extra careful with them. Even though there are no chemicals in a lash lift kit, you need to make sure that your lashes don’t get wet in any way. This will damage the curve you worked so hard on getting.

If you do end up making a mistake, use a cleanser to wipe the lashes. Next, use micellar water to remove any residual adhesive and then apply the nourishing lotion. Include a dab of conditioner to hydrate them, which will minimize breakage after lashes dry. Leave your lashes in their natural state for a week, and then try again. In the meantime, apply a lash serum to strengthen your lashes. 

If you are looking for a quality lash lift kit, visit the Nicky Lashes website. They offer an easy, safe, and chemical-free kit with which you can do a lash lift at home.